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Monday, August 6, 2018

Purpose Driven Life: Day 4 of 42

I finished writing a paper and since have taken the day to catch up on some reading I was behind on. In a moment, I'll eat dinner and then either return to reading David Bentley Hart's New Testament translation or watch a classic film.

Warren's day four was about how this life is a dress rehearsal for the next life. It'd be a lie if I said I'm not attached to this life. This could be my failing, but this is the only life I know.

If I could stop doing one thing, it'd be this: wasting time. Wasting time is as simple as sitting around worrying before I've got all the relevant facts to worry about. I should do only those things that are edifying for me, which either teach me or allow me to be creative. I confess that there are some things I'm not doing today that would be edifying--reading stories, writing a story, studying Korean--but I just came off a three-day bender of working on a paper, and besides, the other things I choose to read and watch are more than entertainment (the New Testament, Casablanca). If I make some excuse tomorrow, however, for why I'm not writing or reading a story or studying Korean, shame on me.

My allowance for only exposure to intellectual or creative works constitutes to me a kind of progress today. It's not radical change, but an adjustment. The same goes for a couple of other commitments I've made, namely that I should work harder to be more sympathetic and empathic, in whatever small way I can be.

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