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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Purpose Driven Life: Day 8-9 of 42

I realize I hadn't posted last night at 11:30 and then just decided to go to bed. Moving through The Purpose Driven Life, the first purpose author Rick Warren announces is that we're here for God's pleasure. Coincidentally, I've been reading Albert Einstein's Ideas and Opinions, and the early chapters in that book are Einstein's view of religion. Whereas Warren reads the Bible literally, assuming that God really does get angry, and on the positive side smile and laugh, Einstein regards these kinds of descriptions as reflecting our limited understanding of God. I don't know how to read these particular passages that Warren cites. The message for Day 8 of The Purpose Driven Life is "I was planned for God's pleasure," and Day 9 is "God smiles when I trust him." These are things we hope for, right?

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