Sunday, July 24, 2022

Love, Forever Changes (1967)

As much as I admire the genre-bending sound, I don't like how all of this comes together. This is some psychedelic and folk rock, but these boys are not afraid of fusion. The Spanish guitars and horns are pretty on the first track, "Alone Again Or."

The second track is pretty, too, "A House Is Not A Motel." There's a familiar 70s sound, acoustics like Simon & Garfunkel, only here there is an electrified guitar solo, which incidentally is reminiscent of The Doors—

All creativity is recombination of the raw material of life or of older, more familiar forms, but there's no guarantee the recombination will work. That's what I think is going on here. At least it's not working on me.

And yet I looked at some critical acclaim about this album, now and at the time of its release. Seems people really dig it. Good for them, I say. As for me, I'll see what else is out there.

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