Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Wire S01E04 Old Cases

Original airing: June 23, 2002
Runtime: 60 minutes

Detective McNulty's squad sergeant Jay Landsman hands McNulty an old case file. He says it might be connected to this special drug task force McNulty has been set up for to get drug kingpin Avon Barksdale's nephew D'Angelo.

What makes Sergeant Landsman so sure the old case file is connected? It turns out that the murder of the young woman in the unsolved case was apparently connected to someone nicknamed "D." "D for D'Angelo," Sergeant Landsman insists.

McNulty knows the connection is a longshot. He also knows the only reason he's been given the job of closing the case is because his squad sergeant is lazy and wants McNulty to do his work for him.

But the irony is Sergeant Landsman is right: it was D'Angelo that made the hit. And closing the case will bring Baltimore police one step closer to toppling the Barksdale organization.

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