Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cream, Fresh Cream (1966)

Second Cream album I'm blogging here. One thing I know: I don't like Cream. Yeah, yeah, Clapton's a great guitarist, whatever. But what, you're going to tell me you're in love with "I Feel Free"? Or that you think the staccato lyrics of "N.S.U." (whatever that stands for) are really groovy, man, yeah, dig it? Is "Sleepy Time Time" a toe-tapper? No, no, and no. This music sucks.

Unrelated, but I've started drinking sweet coffee in the morning. I need to be careful with this, because I've also taken to eating sugary cereal in the morning. My favorite these days is cocoa puffs drowned in a lot of milk. The latter half of breakfast is always the most fun, when after I've eaten all the cocoa puffs I can comfortably scoop out with a spoon, I have to turn up the bowl to my lips and drink the cold milk while crunching down the remaining onrushing puffs. What beautiful mornings.

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