Saturday, July 30, 2022

Harry Nilsson, Nilsson Schmilsson (1971)

Had no idea who this singer-songwriter was, but his album is incredibly fun. Hard to characterize the sound. Sometimes he sounds like 60s Beatles, sometimes 70s honkytonk rock-blues. What little Wikipedia skimming I did, saw he worked a lot with various sounds and such, and he liked to experiment with overlaying vocal tracks and sound loops and all that jazz.

As his album title suggests, he doesn't take himself too seriously. He's not a joke artist by any means, though.

I feel as though I've heard the opening track "Gotta Get Up" in a movie and on the radio. Oh, and goodness, I've definitely heard his "Without You." I think if you listen to this fella, you'll recognize some of the music, too. Ironic that the two tracks I mentioned sound the most like the Beatles. At least I think it's ironic. Probably what helped make those songs hits. Folks were already familiar with the sound.

Oh, crap, no, this song doesn't sound like anything like the Beatles and I know it: "Coconut." You know this song, I'm sure. "Put the lime in the coconut; you drink 'em both up." Had no idea he did this song!

Will tentatively hold onto this album and check it out again later.


  1. Pretty sure I’ve got this one on vinyl. Kind of a cult following on this guy. Similar to Blaze Foley I suppose. A musician’s musician. If you haven’t listened to any Blaze, you really should. John Prine ended up cutting one of his tunes, but the guy had some pure gold. There’s a good bio pic out there on him too. Interesting cat.