Monday, July 4, 2022

Madonna, Like a Prayer (1989)

It's true, Madonna: life is a mystery.

You notice the habit with albums? Call it the pop structure. Lead off with a banger and then follow it up with some bouncy toss-off. Q.v. Madonna's Like a Prayer. Not a bad album, but we get revved up with "Like a Prayer" and droop into "Express Yourself" and "Love Song," the latter of which the refrain is, "Are you wasting my time?" I felt like my time was wasted. Not even Prince could save this song. And it's repetitive and goes on for very, very long (four minutes, 52 seconds).

I don't know. I say this isn't a bad album but it's not a good one, actually. A few hits won't save it. Oh well. I doubt in my musical journey through the reputed best albums that I've heard the last of the singular Madonna.

Happy fourth of July.

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