Saturday, July 9, 2022

The Smiths, The Queen Is Dead (1986)

Smiths run! Nothing could be near as much joy in this moment as listening to The Smiths while writing. Though this album has long stopped, I plan to put it on again when I continue writing this afternoon. I adore this band, this music, this album too, same as last.

I wish I had a better knack for putting into words what makes some albums work and what doesn't. Professor criticism of any kind (music criticism, literary criticism) is an art unto itself. Perhaps when it comes to writing these reviews, having no professional experience writing about music, I'll learn on the job. This is my unpaid internship, as it were.

I don't feel too too bad I can't put into words what makes The Queen Is Dead. Great art transcends any attempt to put it into words. It speaks for itself.

Am I saying that The Queen Is Dead is great art? Yes.

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