Sunday, August 21, 2022

Beck, Sea Change (2002)

Haven't listened to much Beck. Remember when "Two Turntables and a Microphone" was a thing. Saw a performance of that song on SNL. Didn't like it.

When I started this album, I thought perhaps I've taken Beck for granted. He's definitely more multi-dimensional than I've given him credit for. I took him for someone who was all electronic music and yet this album kicked off with acoustic guitar and some good folk singing. Is this a change of sound for the man? Is this the change of sound advertised in the LP's title? Just some of my initial thoughts.

I mean, he's still the experimentalist I figure he always was. Ever the indie artist. The second track "Paper Tiger" sounds cool but the lyrics are mumbled and there's a violin chorus backing. I can't decide if that symphonic touch is interesting or annoying...

Tell you what. I'll keep listening but before I even finish this entry I'll give this album two tentative thumbs up.

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