Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Wire S01E01 The Target

Original airing: June 2, 2002
Runtime: 62 minutes

The street boss of a Baltimore drug gang Stringer Bell engineers a trial to save one of the gang's soldiers, D'Angelo Barksdale. Detective McNulty sits in on the trial. McNulty's not supposed to be there.

When the jury turns up a not-guilty verdict for Barksdale, McNulty goes into chambers to speak with his friend, the judge. How did they lose an open-and-shut case? the judge asks.

McNulty knows. No one can touch Bell. He's the mastermind behind a massive crime ring. But not even the DEA knows Bell's name.

The judge wants to know how McNulty knows. McNulty mentions an old case he knows Bell was involved with. This stirs up trouble in McNulty's department, forcing McNulty's sergeant to open the old case file. McNulty's colleagues tell him to cool it. They seem to think he cares too much about his job. The Baltimore police don't want him making waves.


  1. I watched a couple seasons of this awhile back. Pretty good. I’ve heard people say it’s the best tv show ever. I don’t know about all that.

    1. It might be third best TV drama? Best is "The Sopranos." Second is "Deadwood." This ranking is objective.