Monday, December 21, 2020

1,001 Nights: 22


"Forest and Steppe" by Ivan Turgenev (story)

The last of Turgenev's Sportsman's Sketches. A tribute to the glory that nature provides the person who goes out there to spend time. A farewell to the reader.

Ezekiel 18 (poem)

God metes out justice fairly. You're not responsible for the wickedness of your parents, nor are parents responsible for the wickedness of their children. Everyone is judged on their own merits.

"Emerson, the Lecturer" by James Russell Lowell (essay)

Emerson is a poet who writes in prose. Emerson is a man who brings Hinduism to the common person. Emerson's prose can't be reduced to a set of arguments. They're a work of art in themselves. So writes James Russell Lowell.

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