Saturday, February 20, 2021

1,001 Nights of Reading: Night 35


"On sumptuary laws" by Michel de Montaigne

In Montaigne's time, there were laws that prohibited ordinary people from spending too much money on fine apparel, one reason being that fine clothes belong to nobles, lords, kings. Montaigne says that if you really wanted to get people to stop wanting these markers of riches, you would discourage the rich from wearing these garments and only allow the lower classes to wear them. I'm sure these remarks are tongue in cheek.

"Driving as Metaphor" by Rachel Cusk

Driving as driving, more like. The major insight is that we want people to drive faster when we do, driver slower when we're worried about ourselves and our loved ones' safety. We're never content.

The Arabian Nights, Night 35

I have no idea what's happening right now.

"Poor Visitor" by Jamaica Kincaid

Poor girl moves into a rich family's home to take care of their children.

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