Monday, May 30, 2022

Kacey Musgraves, Golden Hour (2018)

This is middling contemporary country, indistinguishable from any countless other female singer-songwriters getting record play on country stations a decade ago, only now it's trying to top iTunes and Spotify charts, and there's such an imprint of pop in general that apart from the hint of Southern dialect and local color (Grandma "blowing a fuse when I pierced my nose"), these songs could have been written for Ariana Grande.

The album's not terrible, by the way, and fine if you just want something to spin for afternoon delight, but that middling quality of the work is what's so disappointing about it. And let's not be cynical. When this gal Kacey Musgraves was growing up in Golden, Texas, I'm sure that from the start, she put her heart into everything she did. I'm sure every time she makes a song, the goal is to swing for the fences. Heck, if I can soften my heart a bit, a song like "Butterflies" is mighty fun. And more to her credit than to my case, Musgraves has won six Grammys, so what do I know?

Yesterday H and I went walking and located a good Chinese restaurant in the area. We ate spicy sweet and sour chicken and spicy seafood noodle soup and enjoyed a couple Terras. My stomach is still reeling from all the peppers. That is, I guess, as worth sharing as this album.

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