Friday, June 10, 2022

The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground (1969)

I wrote part of a story yesterday afternoon but could only pull about thirty minutes. The trouble has to do with both attention span and interest. I take it I also wrote for a couple hours in the evening, but I don't know as I write this, because to be honest, I'm writing this in lieu of writing more of my story and posting it Friday morning.

While writing, I've been listening to The Velvet Underground's 1969 self-titled album. This is my kind of music, this experimental rock, proto-punk. About the only thing I'm not crazy about is the final track, "The Murder Mystery," which is a little too experimental for my taste. But some good stuff? "Candy Says," "Pale Blue Eyes," "Jesus."

Do you have this album? I figured maybe you would. I had listened to another album by The Velvet Underound not long ago and didn't like it, but not only do I like this one, I can't wait to listen to it again when I do another run at the albums I've marked to check again.

You know what? I quite like writing my stories and essays incrementally, in short intervals. It suits my limited attention span these days. I think I'll try to do this in the morning, in my free time, and yet still adhere to my evening schedule where I patiently sit in front of a screen for two hours and mostly stare.


  1. I’m gonna give these guys another shot. They’ve never hit me as anything special, but maybe I just haven’t been in the right mood. There are some great covers of Pale Blue Eyes out there…

    1. Cool. I really do like this one and I hope you like it too. Really liked the three tracks I mentioned, especially "Jesus." And yeah, I'll probably put it on again soon in a free moment.