Friday, July 22, 2022

Otis Redding, Otis Blue (1965)

Believe I listened to this album not long before I started blogging music here so wasn't looking forward to putting this on. Think I had rated it on my Word doc but don't have that with me. No matter.

I like the album fine, but in addition to some of his own songs, there are some covers here, so as much as I love Redding's voice, I don't think highly of this album.

You know, another thing I've been doing, which I had told you about, is going through a movie list of so-called great movies and watching and ranking them. The list I'm using is actually a master list of about a half-dozen other critics' list, therefore unsurprisingly it's quite long, over 4,000 films.

Though I thought it was a bit intellectually dishonest and not true to the project, earlier today I was knocking films off the list that I had seen recently enough to at least fairly recall them. Re the knockoff, I thought, Oh well. If I don't have a strong desire to see those films again, it would seem unlikely that they would be among the ones I would rank some of the best films of all time.

With the music, given that albums are typically shorter than films and I can deal with other business while listening to them, I don't think I'll skip an album on the list even if I've heard it recently. But goodness, watching a bad film bums me out. Watching a bad TV show would really bum me out. I don't watch TV shows anymore.


  1. Did Otis even play guitar?

    1. He wasn't known for it, right? But I saw some studio pics with him walking around playing an acoustic. Looked like I flattop Martin.