Thursday, July 21, 2022

Kiss, Alive! (1975)

Pretty fun live album, to be honest. But it's disqualified from my top 100 list because it's a live album instead of an LP. Only going to allow a live album if it's a blues artist, say, and they never had a studio album or a set of singles cut in their lifetime.

My favorite line from this album is when Gene Simmons introduces a song by asking the audience, "How many of y'all like the taste of alcohol?"

Crowd goes wild.

"How many of y'all like the taste of alcohol?" Funny way to pose the question.

The song that follows is "Cold Gin Time," which I don't think I've ever heard. Chorus is goofy. "You know it's cold Gin time again that keeps us together." That's the big punch?

The 70s. It was a different time.


  1. How do you think it’d go over if they tried starting that same band today?

    1. Hmm yeah I don't think they're goofy image would go over so well, though who knows? Stranger things have happened. Which reminds me. I cannot for the life of me understand why "Stranger Things" is such a beloved TV show. I watched the first season and stopped. Didn't care for the goofy supernatural monsters. The biggest and best reaction I remember having to the first season was, "Oh. Hunh. Yeah. This show does look like the movie E.T." I figure if you want to relive a fake version of your 80s past, why not go back and watch an 80s movie?