Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses (1989)

Still here doing the music thing. Randomly landed on The Stone Roses' self-titled. Have to admit the name immediately had me giggly. Good start so far, from the beginning of the album.

On other matters. Progress on the narrative essay, worked for a long time, about two of three productive hours, not bad. But it still takes longer than I expected. It always takes longer than I expect. There are so many moving parts, is why.

Here, I write and improvise my way to an ending. But in fiction or narrative essays, there's more artifice, and you have to hide the artifice. Dolly Parton once said, "It costs a lot to look this cheap." When it comes to the craftwork I do (my version of model airplanes), it takes a long time to make the result look easy. And there's still no guarantee it'll read well.

Regarding The Stone Roses, man, this album is doing what so many albums do, which is hit hard that opening track and give the listener a weaker second track. I've complained of this before, but it is a common pattern. If Apple Music and the other streaming services have done any good in killing the LP (may it rest in peace), it's forced the poor, suffering, music-making artists to make bangers, not fillers.

All right, onto the third track, and I'm already off board with the band. A filler mumble song with extremely busy bass and drums and this light guitar. You can hear the strum of nylon strings.

Shame. Opening was so promising.

Posting this Wednesday morning, jotting it Tuesday. With any luck, I'll be able to spend a little more time on my narrative essay, though I probably won't. I'm kind of exhausted by it. Maybe I'll draft something else. Maybe I'll read something else. Today, I've already read a work by my favorite short-story writer and some stuff about education. Eventually plan on doing some research and publication in my field, English writing and ESL. Maybe I will. I feel like I'm never doing enough. But that's only a feeling. I do a lot. I do.

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