Monday, August 1, 2022

John Prine, John Prine (1971)

What a perfect album. When you mentioned Prine in the last comment, it sent me to my Word doc to see if the Rolling Stones had listed any albums of his. That's when I came across this self-titled.

I've heard most of this album from listening to you or Jeremiah play it. And once upon a time, Jeremiah, Bradley, and I played "Make Me an Angel" together. I love the bass line on this song.

Today (Sunday afternoon), I listened to this album with my wife over stew and ice cream popsicles. The song that most resonated with me was "Hello in There." Losing Davy in the Korean War, still don't know what for, don't matter anymore. The song's rhythm made me realize, too, Prine's influence on Jason Isbell. "Traveling Alone" owes a lot to "Hello in There." I'm sure several country/folk artists owe a lot to this man.


  1. One of the greats of our time. I’m sure of it.

    1. Amazing writing on all those songs. Man was a real storyteller. May he rest in peace.