Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Weezer, Weezer (Blue Album) (1994)

It was bound to turn up sometime. One of the greatest albums of all time.

This was the first album I ever owned and it was on cassette tape. My grandmother bought it for me because she had bought the same album for my cousin on CD. I didn't have a CD player but she knew I had a cassette player. She didn't want me to feel left out.

I knew next to nothing about music at the time. Still don't. Be that as it may, I remember playing this cassette tape almost every day. I even remember the act of flipping it from the A side to the B side when it had clicked off, and I remember jumping up and down on my bed playing air-guitar to this.

There will never be another album like it.

And there will never be another grandmother like mine.

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