Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Arctic Monkey's 2011 album

I flew too close to the sun. I was afraid this was going to happen. After listening to and loving two Arctic Monkeys album, I gave this 2011 album a chance. I won't bother naming it. If you're curious, it's not hard to find.

It wasn't the name that put me off, though. It was the slapdash nature of the composition. Remember I told you I got the feeling with the last two albums, the guys felt like with every song they were trying to hit it out of the park?

Not so here. It feels more like the lead singer Alex Turner thought they were about due for an album, so he went into some old Mead notebooks, puled out some lyrics, and then he and the band riffed over the words into they came up with this LP.

I like liking things. I wanted to like this album. I didn't.

Plus, I went off the list. Next time, I'll stick to the list.

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