Monday, October 17, 2022

Kate Bush, Hounds of Love (1985)

I get the appeal. Not my thing but I get it.

I thought it was going to be my thing but because as you already know I'm a sucker for bursting sincerity, and it was right there in the first track. It lost me not long after that, for two reasons. The songs either turned to (1) vaguer sentiments or (2) pop standards, and here we're dealing with 80s pop standards, when they might as well have been making songs with a sausage grinder.

My most immediate goal is to find something new to me that I find appealing from the 80s on the Big Albums list. Here's why. Last night, I watched a horror film from the 80s and the soundtrack was all this really good pop-progressive stuff. Billy Idol's "White Wedding," for instance.

Incidentally, no Billy Idol made it on the Big Albums list. Think that's because he never had a full-length album worth a darn? Or do you think it's a prejudice from the list-makers over there at Rolling Stone?


  1. Prejudice for sure. 29 Beatles albums make the list along with vampire weekend. They can’t be trusted. If steppenwolf live ain’t on their list, I’d throw that list away and start from scratch.

  2. Have you listened to any of the Prince albums yet? Dire straits? 80s zztop?

    1. Have listened to some Prince but not enjoyed the albums so far, to be honest. ZZ Top, on the other hand...