Sunday, October 16, 2022

Twin Peaks S01E03 Episode 2 (Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer)

In this episode, director David Lynch invites us into his weirdo sandbox. Whereas before we viewers had only had inklings of something supernatural going on in the town of Twin Peaks, here we can be sure that not everything ordinary is as it seems.

FBI Detective Dale Cooper has a dream that can allow him to deduce a meaningful list of potential suspects by throwing rocks at a bottle. When he misses, he can cross off a name. When he hits, that's someone worth considering. Cooper claims he was able to arrive at this method from a series of dreams.

Later, he has another series of dreams. He's in some kind of space, a red room with black-and-white floors in a jaggedly shaped configuration. In the room with him is Laura Palmer and a little person. They both speak backwards but he can somehow translate what they say. When he awakes from the dream, he is sure he knows who killed Laura Palmer.

We viewers want to know too. It's the whole buy-in to the show. It's the mystery that needs unraveling.

But we're only a few episodes in. Is it likely the show would reveal the killer three episodes in? Let's not hold our breaths.

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