Thursday, October 13, 2022

The Rolling Stones, Tattoo You (1981)

The Rolling Stones is comfort music. I've only been disappointed by one album and I can't even remember which one. How about that?

This is their sixteenth album. Sixteenth!

The leadoff: "Start Me Up." Rev, rev.

All right, if I had to give any criticism to the band or this album, these guys would have never been anywhere without blues and honkytonk. But I can't slight them for wearing their influences on their sleeves. If you were to talk to the guys, they'd probably say, "Yeah, you're right. You should go listen to those blues and honkytonk guys too."

This one's fun, and it feels really out of time. For how bluesy it is, it doesn't come off as an album out of '81 at all.

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