Sunday, October 30, 2022

Twin Peaks S01E05 Episode 4 (The One-Armed Man)

Original airing: May 3, 1990
Runtime: 47 minutes

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is still in Twin Peaks, Washington, investigating the murder of high-school girl Laura Palmer. He now knows that the man behind the murder is a guy named Bob, and this Bob has some connection to another man, a man named Mike, a one-armed man, whom Dale finds holed up at a hotel.

Meanwhile, there's other potential crime afoot in Twin Peaks: Benjamin Horne, the town's real-estate magnate, wants to burn down the town's lumber mill and frame the owner, Josie Packard, for insurance fraud; Double R Diner waitress Shelley wants to enlist her boyfriend Bobby to knock off her abusive, drug-dealing husband Leo; and Double R Diner owner Norma Jennings is about to have her murderous ex-husband get out of jail and move back to town to do—what? Well, given his friendship with Leo and his threatening phone calls to mill owner Josie Packard, it can't be good.

Something's brewing and it ain't coffee.

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