Friday, December 30, 2022

21. Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run (1975)

Out of order because this time I randomly selected an album from Rolling Stones' top 100 and came up with Springsteen's Born to Run. I don't want to be snarky. I'll just say this is not for me.

I read something somewhere the other day that music is akin to religion. Your initial preference for it is mostly related to your early exposure to it and whether you took to it at the time. I didn't listen to Springsteen at an early age. Mine was not a Springsteen household.

Also, I remember you saying once that you heard or read that most people's musical tastes are frozen in time with their teenage years. I know much of mine is. I find myself attracted to nineties alternative and some misfits from that decade.

That being said, as I've stated previously, I had never really listened to the Stones until recently and I'm a great lover of those now-old men. I wonder what got jostled in my noggin to make me love them. Perhaps there's no accounting for it. No matter. Thank God for discovery, for new experiences.

I try to remind myself that it's worth it, to expose myself to movies, music, and books that I'm unfamiliar with and to test-drive them. After a series of failed exposures, I can always return to the stuff I'm familiar with, and do, often. Right now, my favorite dinner music is the top easy-listening jazz link on Youtube.

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