Saturday, December 31, 2022

49. OutKast, Aquemini (1998)

I feel like I pulled this album out of a time capsule. OutKast has always had a distinctive sound, Southern rap, but there is something specifically late 90s about Aquemini.

The first song, "Return of the 'G'," is designed for car subwoofers. In fact, I have vague memories of hearing this song playing in M's QX4.

Also this album contains skits, which seems to be a feature of late 90s, early aughties sound, especially hip-hop.

There's cool stuff on here. Remember "Rosa Parks"? But still I find something embarrassing about how era-specific this is. I mean, I feel embarrassed to listen to it, and would be even more embarrassed for anyone to see me listen to it.

Surprisingly, the same goes for 2Pac with me. I used to love All Eyez on Me (1996) and Greatest Hits (1998). Now, not so much. We all have to grow up.

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