Friday, July 7, 2023

Fleetwood Mac, Rumours (1977)

This is one of my favorite albums, for sure, and it's appropriate for the current mood. "Thunder only happens when it's raining," Stevie Nicks sings, as heavy rains fall at a sixty-degree angle and strong winds blow. This is typhoon weather out there and a typhoon world sometimes, my friend. I love this folk rock.

How about you? Are you keen on Fleetwood Mac? I think you are. I seem to remember you having this one on vinyl at your house. When was the last time you listened to it? I hope you listen to it on a rainy afternoon when the skies are gray. These melodies will ward off the blues. They'll never appear. You'll never even think about being blue. That's what a remedy Rumours is.

But come on, I'm preaching to the choir. I know you know.


  1. I do enjoy the woods of fleet. I haven’t had a record player setup in over a year at this point :/

    1. Dang it's been that long... Come to mention it, I remember you saying you didn't have your sound set up.