Monday, July 10, 2023

Prince, Purple Rain (1984)

I don't like to talk bad about music, but this ain't my cup of tea. I do, nonetheless, want to see the film Purple Rain. I imagine that had I seen the film, I would have been more partial to the album.

What a time to have been alive, when Prince was at the top of his game and had a popular album and film out of the same name.

Even the critics seemed to love the film, which is why I'd like to see it. And I'd like to put myself in the whole Prince mindset, to see if I could at least pretend to drink the Kool-Aid and like this.

It's a strange experience, coming face-to-face with the force of an icon and wondering why the person was ever popular in the first place. Honestly, this occurred with me the first time I saw a Marilyn Monroe film.

Similar experience ever?

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