Friday, April 7, 2023

Brian Blade Fellowship, Brian Blade Fellowship (self-titled, 1998)

Behold, the first album by jazz drummer Brian Blade and the Brian Blade Fellowship, released in 1998, albeit with a short track listing (eight), but the songs have long runtimes (they average eight minutes each).

Brian Blade's sound is proof of the "no wrong notes" apothegm so famous to jazz. Now you might say this album really can't be any kind of evidence of anything, since we don't know if the songs were live-to-tape. Fair enough.

If you want to see with your own eyes how well Blade and the band work together, bear witness to any of his live performances. HERE's a link to a shorter one on YouTube.

When it comes to instrumental music like jazz or nonoperatic classical, I know my ears are still not attuned to all the nuances I could be hearing. I wonder if my recent interests in jazz and classical well remain as dilletante as my "competency" with bass guitar. It may be so. If so, so be it, I'm fine with that. The days are short and the things I don't know outpace what I do by hundreds of rounds round the sun.

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