Friday, November 20, 2020

1,001 Nights of Reading: 1


"Their Ancient, Glittering Eyes" by Ron Rash (story)

A bunch of old townsmen get excited when they discover that a fish the size of the alligator occupies a river. They make it their mission to catch the creature.

"First Communion" by Galway Kinnell (poem)

A boy attends his first communion at a country church. On the walk home, he convinces himself that the little church is too ugly a place for God and decides that will be his last visit.

"On Affectionate Relationships" by Michel de Montaigne (essay)

Better titled "On Amity," Montaigne's essay details the various ways friendship manifests in life, whether that be with friends, family members, someone we love romantically. Montaigne writes that we are all looking for a friend that we can cherish absolutely, says that he had this kind of friend, but the friend has passed, says he'll forever mourn that friend.

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